Thursday 2 January 2014

Sweet Potato Ondeh Ondeh

Wishing one and all a very Happy New Year! I hope everyone will have a great 2014.

I simply love biting into an Ondeh Ondeh coated with coconut and Gula Melaka oozing out. When I saw these delicious snacks from Jessie of Cooking Moments, I was really fascinated as it was made of healthy sweet potatoes. 

These Ondeh Ondeh are wonderfully chewy as they are dipped into ice cold water once they are boiled. 

The sweet potatoes give a lovely colour to the Ondeh Ondeh. They are however not sweet to taste, so a little sugar added to the dough makes it better. These are really addictive and I couldn't help popping one after another into my mouth!

Sweet Potato Ondeh-Ondeh (About 24)

Skin Ingredients:
  • 150 g Mashed Sweet Potato
  • 150 g Glutinous Rice Flour
  • 95 g Icy Cold Water A (I used 85 g)
  • 12 g Caster Sugar
Filling Ingredient:
  • 100 g Palm Sugar (Gula Melaka) – I used 90g
Coating Ingredients:
  • 100 g Shredded Coconut
  • 1/4tsp Salt
  • 1 Pandan Leaf, tied a knot
  • Pot of water for boiling 
  • Another pot of icy cold water for dipping (B)

Preparation ahead of time
  • Fill up a bowl with room temperature water. Freeze for 30 minutes or until further use.
  • Chop the gula melaka roughly. Place in a stick blender, blitz until resembles fine crumbs. Set aside.
  • Mix coconut with salt. Steam with pandan leaf until soft.
Rolling method
  • To make the dough, mix flour with sweet potato until resembles coarse crumbs. Add water A, starting with 50ml, knead the dough.  Add little bit of water at a time(I added 15ml each time) & knead until the dough is pliable & not sticky.
  • Place the dough in a bowl, cover with a clean, wet tea towel to prevent dryness.
  • Grab a small piece of dough, about 15g and roll into ball.  Either flatten it or make it into a small bowl-shape, place some gula melaka inside (Do not overfill or the skin will burst).
  • Carefully seal & roll into balls again. Place on a lined tray. Cover with cling wrap. Repeat until the dough is all used up.
  • Remove water (B) from the freezer.
  • Cook ondeh-ondeh in boiling water until they float up.  Do this in small batches. Don’t over-crowded the cooking pot. Give a gentle stir to the ondeh-ondeh if they stick to the base of the pot for too long. They should be cooked within a few minutes.
  • Very quickly, remove from hot water & place in the cold water.
  • Remove from the cold water, then coat with coconut before serve.



  1. Hi Mich! Thanks for mentioning my name here. If I make this, I can eat this all day. Sometimes I also use 90g of Gula Melaka. Certainly prefer the orange sweet potato than the purple one when comes to color choice.

  2. Have a wonderful new year full of satisfactions!!

  3. Looks fantastic, my kids would love this! Happy 2014 to you and your family, Mich ;)

  4. Ondeh ondeh is one of my favourite kuih. Whether it is orange or purple sweet potato I am equally love it as long as there is sweet potato mixture into the glutinous flour. Some ondeh ondeh only used glutinuous flour for the skin only which I dont like.

  5. I love ondeh ondeh too! Can't stop eating at one :D
    Happy New Year 2014, Mich!

  6. Happy new year Mich...
    I like this ondeh ondeh very much.

  7. No... Your screen is not flooded... It's only me drooling

  8. That is delicious treat Mich, Happy new year to you and your family.

  9. These sweet potato balls look divine, Mich.
    Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year! Your golden yellow ondeh-ondeh look really good! Is one of my favourite too.

  11. What lovely delectables, Mich! They are just so pretty to look at I'm not sure I would want to bite into any of them, lol..However, not only are they sweet to look at, I have a feeling they taste just as good. Thank you so much for sharing, Mich...I've bookmarked this recipe for "someday."

  12. Happy New Year. These ondeh ondeh looks yummy....

  13. Happy New Year! Wow this looks really delicious.

  14. Love ondeh-ondeh! Happy New Year!

  15. Wowwww
    These look fantastic, and they are definitely new to me :)
    I'd really like to taste them!!
    Happy New Year :)

  16. I love your ondeh-ondeh too and i also can non-stop eating one after another into my mouth! hehe..

  17. Nice ondeh favourite too..and I can't stop eating this..

  18. Mich , I just can imagine how tempting are those wonderful nibbles ! The oozy gula melaka looks sinful :D

    Here's wishing you and your family a Happy , Healthy and a Bountiful 2014 !!!

  19. Happy New Year to you Dawn, hope 2014 is good to you!
    I've never heard of these before, but they do look tasty!

  20. These look amazing! Happy New Year!

  21. happy new year to you, Mich. I love biting into those chewy kind of kuihs like this and your ondeh2 looks great!

  22. OMG! These sweet potatoes ondeh ondeh looks so awesome. I love it very much. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Mich.

  23. These are so creative! I love sweet potatoes, so I know these would be super addicting! Happy New Year!

  24. This is a new one for me as I have never heard of them. They do sound delicious though. All the best for 2014 Mich - looking forward to lots more delicious recipes from you.

  25. I have some sweet potatoes but no gula melaka, pity! These looks really tempting and makes me want to make some for myself!

  26. I've seen Ondeh Ondeh since I started blogging (and visiting other blogs), but haven't tasted it yet! One day.... I love sweet potato so this sounds like a perfect one to try first!

  27. Mich, I love ondeh-ondeh and like you I cannot stop popping them into my mouth! Love them with lots of extra coconut.

  28. May I know when u transfer the cooked Ondeh from boiling water to cold water, how long do you keep them in the cold water before you transfer them into the grated coconut? thank you.

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