Saturday 25 January 2014

Kue Lapis Surabaya

For Chinese New Year in the last two years, I have been making Kueh Lapis Legit (Thousand Layer Cake). This year, I decided to try another version of Lapis which is the Kue Lapis Surabaya. Firstly, its because I am quite busy this year now that I am a stay at home mum and also because I've always admired the moist and soft texture of the Kue Lapis Surabaya on the various blogs I've seen and want to make it myself.

Unlike the Kueh Lapis Legit, where I have to be on my feet for three hours grilling each layer one by one, Kue Lapis Surabaya is much easier to make because its just three layers. The only drawback is that you'll need three cake tins to bake the layers concurrently.    

The texture of this Kue Lapis Surabaya is fine and moist which I had expected with 30 egg yolks in just a 7 inch cake! It is quite a delicious cake. However, I really much prefer the Kueh Lapis Legit because of the flavours of the spices and the use of rum. Think next year, I'll go back to the multi-layered version :)

Kue Lapis Surabaya (7 inch square)
Recipe from Sweet Sentsations


  • 30 egg yolks
  • 280 g (1 1/2 cups) granulated sugar 
  • 375 g (2 1/2 cups) butter, softened (I used Golden Churn Tin Butter)
  • 150 g (1 1/4 cups) flour
  • 1 tbsp mocha or chocolate paste (or 2 tbsp cocoa powder)
  • Strawberry Jam

  • Preheat the oven at 180 degrees C and grease the pan.
  • Beat the butter at high speed for about 10 minutes until it turns pale white in colour.
  • Beat the egg yolks with sugar until pale and tripled in volume. When you lift the beaters it should form a ribbon.
  • Pour the yolk mixture slowly into the butter mixture and fold in until fully combined. Be sure to scrape the sides of the bowl for any butter so the entire mixture is incorporated.
  • Sift in the flour and fold. Careful not to over fold, as over mixing will result in a reduced volume of batter.
  • Divide the mixture equally into 3 portions. For one portion, add cocoa powder / chocolate or mocha paste and lightly fold
  • Bake  in 3 separate pans for 20 minutes or until cake springs back when touched.
  • Let the cake cool and spread strawberry jam between each layer.


  1. Oh...this looks really very yummy. Eventhough this cake only has three layers, oh still need 30 egg yolks! I can see that this cake is so moist but Im sure you must be pleased having this cake to enjoy.

  2. hi Mich,
    this is in my baking plan next week, my once a year indulgence
    oh so yummy yet dangerous LOL

  3. The cake looks lovely but I really can't get over the 30 yolks!

  4. Looks so beautiful! I love the colour contrast too.

  5. My, my, my Mich, what an amazing cake! I can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like or even taste like. Thank you so much for sharing, you did a wonderful job!

    1. Hi Mich!
      I don't know if I will "see" you before the New Year begins. I just wanted to pop by and wish You and Yours a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year, Mich! Enjoy:)

      Love this cake!

    2. It really delicious to eat my kids are enjoying them even me too

  6. Wah...this cake looks fab!!! But wat do you do with the balance 30 egg whites..??? :))

  7. It looks fantastic, and I'm soooooooo curious as I've never tasted such a cake :)

  8. Hi Mich, I love this cake too! Your lapis surabaya looks perfect in the three layers. Wish I've a slice of it now.
    Wishes you a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

  9. 30 egg yolks? Now I really want to make this cake and enjoy the moistness :D
    Delicious looking layers!


  10. Mich, 30 egg yolks! No wonder the cake is so delicious :) Wish I could have a slice of your cake or two!

  11. I agree with Mel that this looks yummy.... You can see how fine the cake is.....

  12. Oh my 30 egg yolks that is really rich and delicious and looks so moist and wonderful. Have you ever seen the trick where the guy separates the egg yolks from the egg using an empty water bottle. I am going to need to try that short cut and let you know if it works. Wishing you a super Chinese New Years! I am going to pin this recipe!

  13. Mich, now I have controlled on eating kuih lapis cos of the amount of oil and egg yolks used but sometimes just cannot resist lol.

  14. Hi Mich, your kue looks very delicious and moist! Love the color, so bright! Too sinful

  15. Hi Mich, Your Kue Lapis Surabaya looks FAB with the perfect texture . Wow! Need 30 egg yolks !!??? I bet it taste divine ! Love to have a slice now ;)

  16. Wow 30 egg yolks? No wonder looks so good...must taste delicious Mich!
    Have a wonderful week ahead :D

  17. What an interesting cake! That is a lot of egg yolk. It looks so moist and yummy!

  18. Wow --- 30 egg yolks?!? This cake looks so perfectly layered and really pretty!

  19. Beautiful cake and i love the color too!
    Happy Chiniese New Year to you and your family!

  20. I love Kue Lapis Surabaya :), one of my most favourite cakes and yours looks so delicious!

  21. WOW! Interesting one! Looks very pretty too. It must be soft and delicious. Hope you are having a good week X

  22. Hi Mich,
    You really love kuih lapis!
    It looks wonderful with soft moist texture! 30 egg yolks? It does give a beautiful golden yellow to the cake!
    Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wish you and your family A Healthy and Prosperous Year of the Horse!
    You are now a SAHM? Welcome to the club! :)

  23. Love the look of this and I'd love to try some.

  24. hi mich, i ve tried this cake but not very successful, mine turned out to be a bit flatter ..would really like to try again sometime later :)

  25. Whoa! Mich, your cake looks amazing!! I've never tried this before, but I'm so interested to taste it. Happy New Year to you and your family! Enjoy the holiday! :)

  26. Wow Mich, it requires so many egg yolks, if it was me, I would also be so scared that something would go wrong. Hehe! It looks really amazing.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year! All the best for the Yr of the Horse.

  27. ve muy delicioso y bonito color,abrazos.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Hi Mich, yummy kueh lapis!!! Here's Gong Xi Fa Chai to you !!

  30. WOW....I love this cake too and you have baked it so beautifully.
    can I have a slice, please please please ^0^

  31. Hi Mich, wow...your cake lapis look so good. Very beautiful and the texture look so good. Love this cake. :))

    Best regards.

  32. What kind of flour did u use?cake or self raising flour?

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